Reopening Info

We now have the reopening date for holiday sites and that is Saturday 4th July.  You should receive any siterent refund that is due promptly (provided you have given us your bank details for the transfer). 

As to ongoing anti virus measures the government has issued guidance about this and how far that affects us (it’s not all relevant) but we all need to ensure that proper precautions continue to be taken (proper social distancing, hygiene, enhanced cleaning regime on our part and so on).  There may be a few notices dotted around addressing particular issues, but it mainly boils down to common sense of course.

Then to change the subject, we have had a fairly close association over many years with Gt. Yarmouth Caravan Centre, but they are now planning to close down later this year. This will mean some change in the way we source our sales stock, but naturally we will be carrying the sales side of things on with the minimum of disruption.  Caravans for sale will continue to be on the website and we can attend to any particular requirements.  We’re pleased that Ian Fairbrother from Gt. Yarmouth Caravans is joining us on a part time basis to assist with our general operations.