30/3/20: Static Caravan Siterents

  • First a very big thank you to everyone who has already paid their siterent balance, or is planning to in the next couple of weeks. Your confidence in us in much appreciated.
  • Second, some of our customers have been enquiring what level of refund there might eventually be. As you know, I am not keen on being specific about this because so much is uncertain and will be for some time yet. But I can understand that people do want to have at least some idea of what to expect. So I have looked at what I do know about ongoing costs, and what the Government has promised in support, and I feel I can give a VERY ROUGH baseline figure of £50 for each week that the Government restrictions stop you from using your caravan, but we would otherwise have been open.
  • Third, I know that there will be some of you with real cash flow problems brought on by coronavirus restrictions. If that is you, please do get in touch & let us know what your difficulties are and how we can help.
  • Finally, if you normally pay your balance in cash, and have no way of getting your payment to us at the moment, please just let us know so that we can update our records.

With best wishes for your good health from all of us here.

John Groat.