Update: 24/3/20:

Following the Prime Minister’s statement last night the position is that people should stay at home and non-essential traffic is ruled out. This means that until the restrictions are lifted (and the Government will be reviewing them regularly) our business is effectively closed. The consequences as I see it (at the moment, and things are changing on a regular basis as well as know) are:

Touring Caravans/ Tents etc:

We had already spelt out that we would not take more advance bookings at this stage, but will review things on 16th May. The position about bookings already made to arrive before then (predominantly at Easter and the early Mayday holiday) is that they can no longer go ahead because of the travel ban. There will be refunds of what has been paid in respect of these (less a small admin charge) unless visitors just want to transfer what has been paid to later on this season. There may be some pressure for unbooked pitches once the current problems are past of course, so a bit of thinking time here.

Holiday Bungalows:

There will be no more bookings taken for the time being – with a review (as the touring/ tenting details above) in mid May. The same comments apply to refunds.

Static Holiday Caravans:

Again, we’re not expecting to see caravan owners coming because they’re meant not to leave home. The site rent balances are due of course at Easter, and I can’t see any chance of the situation changing by then. There will eventually be a partial refund of the siterent balance to reflect the situation but it is not possible to assess a figure at this stage, primarily because we don’t know how long things will last. My hope is that the siterent balances can be paid as normal, then there would be a part refund once we know that the caravans are again capable of use. The refund would have to be calculated bearing in mind whatever advice and assistance the Government comes up with, and there being a relationship of trust between us. The static caravans will remain of course on site and there are continuing costs to cover.

Social Media & Rumour Mill:

We don’t plan to respond to social media rumours: if there are particular issues you wish to raise then please do telephone or e-mail: the staff are continuing to work, the sites will be supervised and queries will be attended to.

I am very sorry to be in this position but hopefully the measures will enable us to stay fit & well and able to enjoy good times on the parks in the future,

John Groat.