20/7/20 – Update

We’ve been back open on the parks for a couple of weeks now and the news update is that the siterent refunds (£730) for static caravans where the rent at Easter was paid in full have been processed (this would not apply to those who have purchased a caravan during the lockdown period as their proportionate siterent already took that into account). If you are entitled but haven’t received, then please contact our office so we can look into it.

We’re starting next on the refunds for the static touring vans (on the same basis but at £450 – reflecting the lower rent – and that should be dealt with over the next few days.

Here at the Office we want to express our appreciation that the reaction of you, our customers, has been one of understanding in what has been a difficult time.

Then an interim report on the Wi-Fi provision. The site system was supplied, installed and is maintained by Infinium Ltd, a company that specialises in holiday park systems over the country. Their most recent engineer’s report (in March) was accompanied by maps showing the radius of the various service transmitters, and the whole of the sites are covered. As we now include the Wi-Fi provision as a site service it was important that the system should be up to scratch and Infinium were instructed to do whatever it took to ensure that. As to ourselves, we installed more broadband provision (our local distribution point is at Ormesby, where there were capacity upgrades last year and we took advantage of that). But their fastest speeds here in Norfolk are still lower than in many parts of the country. We should be able to identify if there are any weak points with Infinium, and the service should settle down (BT are our broadband providers and say they have instituted a policy of fairly regular improvements in our locality). We are now monitoring linespeeds on a regular basis at various points on the site which will help us to become aware of any particular weaknesses. But some of the problems clearly relate to the individual technical devices brought along by our customers, and there’s not much we can do in way of assistance with that – apart from reminding you that the first port of call should any problem be encountered is the Infinium Helpline. That is on your code card but if mislaid, its 01253 501655 (8:30am to 6:30om). The out of hours number – when I imagine the service will be rather limited – is 0845 5577288.