6/4/20: Update

First, we’ve used a drone to take pictures of the static sites at Long Beach and Beach Estate from ground level, so that you can see that your caravan is ok. You access this by going to the top right hand side of the home page and clicking on the Twitter link (this is blue “T”). It will then open up our Twitter page and you can then select either Long Beach or Beach Estate. Ignore the Twitter stuff about log in, signup, and password: just go down screen on the left hand side and select the part that you want to look at (it’s in several separate sections). Its the first time we’ve done this (hoping to repeat it at odd times in future) so we hope you’re able to get to it without difficulty.

Then about siterent balances: because of the rules against non essential travel, you should not be driving over to Hemsby to pay your siterent balances in person this weekend. Please either do this by internet banking, by card over the phone, or post a cheque to the Estate Office. If you wish to pay in cash and can safely get to a Post Office (and I know that’s not possible for everyone) we can let you have details of which Post Office service you can use.

Then as you know, later on there will (once we calculate the figure) be siterent refunds against what is paid at Easter. We’re proposing to do that by bank transfer and so will need the details of the bank account that should be credited. That is sort code, the name of the account holder and then the account number: the details to come from you will be used for this sole purpose and then deleted from our system. We can of course let you have a cheque if you prefer.