More detailed information re caravan site pitch contracts



The internet survey earlier this year resulted in a clear majority in favour of an “inclusive” facility, so that is what will be implemented from the start of next season. Going forward it will cover up to 3 devices. A seasonal code will be issued. The wifi service has been improving in terms of speed and capacity, but of course it’s all to do with BT Openreach and our contractors Infinium. The Infinium helpline is 01253-501655 (8.30am to 6.30pm 7 days a week). And I must make it clear that system downtime (which we would not expect to be of any duration) is something outside our control and for which we can’t accept liability. The helpline is useful, especially as problems are normally down to incompatible tech which they can sort out quite quickly.


We keep spare keys for most caravan owners here in the Office. Only if you want: it’s for your convenience. The only need we have is generally to do with draining down and redoing if applicable. I’ve said before that although this is a “no cost” convenience – which will continue – it’s awkward for us in two situations. FIRST, when unknown strangers arrive saying things like “my friends say I can collect their keys to their caravan no xx, this causes trouble when we ask for some sort of permission from you as owners. If we are to hand out your keys then there must be some sort of consent for us to do so. Often enough these people don’t know the names of the owners either – just christian names mostly. Then they get upset with us in the office when we say we can’t dish out the keys. A couple of years ago we had someone turn up, spoke to a new person in the office, insisted on a key to a particular caravan but it turned out that the caravan no was incorrect and they ended up in a caravan belonging to somebody else, who was then very upset. So that sort of thing must never happen again, and you must understand that we will not hand out your caravan keys to anybody who does not have some sort of authority from you. It’s no good them being difficult with us in the office. And so often when they ring the owners (you) there is no answer and the people requesting the keys are left fuming at the office counter under the impression that we are being difficult and uncooperative!


As to those who let out their caravans there has been a clear element of extra work for us, and there will be henceforth be a charge of £25 per year. I’m happy to explain this as necessary.

Then about the general site rules. These are always available at the Estate Office. And they are incorporated in our contract. But some of our customers say they’ve not received them. So I’m setting out our rules/protocol here. There is a note in the siterent details (posted to everybody) saying this, and for those not having internet access then I have copies in the office for collection so that nobody can say they were unaware. So the protocol/conditions are:-


We’re often asked more about the electricity supply on the sites. They are all fused to provide a 16amp supply to each pitch. That is 3.5kw. There would normally be a fuse box within your unit that incorporates fuse(s) of the Miniature Circuit Breaker type (MCBs) and a trip for faults (Residual Current Device – RCD). Then there is something similar where the unit plugs into the site supply, again with an MCB and an RCD. All of these switches will be in the “up” position if they are operating properly. Then the next line of safety is in our distribution stores where about half a dozen outlets are again protected by MCBs and RCDs. If you get a supply interruption (and it’s not an area power cut) then the first thing to check is the fuse box inside the unit. Then the box outside. If – having been reset – your supply goes off again then this would normally mean the use of a faulty appliance (the RCD going off) or overload (the MCB going off – the issues normally domestic kettles or electric heating). All that is needed here is to turn something off to get the load within limits. We hope this is of some help. Andy the site electrician inspects all outlets every season, and he has to produce a safety/compliance certificate. We have to make absolutely clear that our MCBs and RCDs are not to be interfered with on any account: it’s a tremendously important thing, and the consequences serious.


Our position about age of caravans (not the age of our customers!) is that unlike most sites we do not insist on upgrade/replacement of static caravans once they have reached a certain age, which I regard as a sales push. And I think it not right really that customers who have been with us for many years should be obliged to pay out large sums not at a time of their choosing. Upgrading should be a matter of personal choice. But should existing units become unfit, neglected or similar then we’ll be saying something about that.


Then about caravan sales. Any caravan can be sold to anybody at whatever price they can get on an OFF SITE basis. But we don’t take private sales ON SITE. The main reason for this is that a vendor’s interest is really only in the best price they can obtain, whereas ours is rather more – that a purchaser is going to be a good neighbour etc. Just on rare occasions we’ve got this wrong but initial checks are made and should it appear that something has gone awry then we do something about termination with those causing upset. Then we don’t have a problem and no charge with inter family transfers. But for this a cost of £50+ VAT applicable (admin, release and liability).


The beach (coterminous with Long Beach Estate) belongs, and there are responsibilities. Breeding seals have now spread south and appear on our beach during the breeding season, which is October to January. Cute but can be biters! Two things here: first, don’t upset them by getting too close, especially with dogs. Second please don’t use things like frisbees in their vicinity (they can get stuck). Then as a matter of interest the local Seal Watch Society is trying to recruit people to help advise the public and keep the seals safe and free from disturbance. Flexible shifts. If your interested then the contact is Peter Ansell ([email protected]).



1. BALL GAMES: There is no objection to sponge ball games or captive ball games (swing-ball etc). But other games should please be off the Park.

2.PARKING: Over parking is a problem from time to time. If there are more than two cars at your caravan, can the excess vehicles please be parked elsewhere.

3.DOGS: We accept dogs on a clear basis: they must be kept under control and not foul the Park. Neither are they to be left alone if they are going to bark a lot while the owners are out. We are not prepared to accept large and fierce or fighting type dogs.

4.WOODEN STRUCTURES: The Site Licensing Authority (Gt Yarmouth BC) have a complete ban on flammable gas bottle containers/enclosures. That means they cannot be made of wood or incorporate roofing felt. The same applies to storage sheds. Please ask the Office at Long Beach if you need to know more about this.

5.GAS WATER HEATERS: Caravans that are let out must be gas tested annually. Gas works and servicing should only be carried out by a CORGI registered engineer.

6.CARAVAN SALES: If you wish to sell your caravan you can either (a) sell it privately on an OFF SITE basis (the caravan being taken away by the purchaser) or (b) we or Gt.Yarmouth Caravan Centre can give an immediate price. We don’t accept private sales ON SITE unless it is an inter family transfer(and there is a fee of £50.00 + VAT to cover a credit check on the transferee and release of liability).

7.PLAY AREAS: Small children need to be supervised: and bigger children need an eye kept on them as well so that accidents don’t happen to the smaller ones.

8.GENERAL: (a) if you set concrete slabs by the side of your caravan, can these be set flush and not proud. (b) rotary washing line bases must again be set lower than turf level. (c) children bring flints up from the beach and leave them around caravans. Can these please be kept out of the path of the mowers as stones can shoot out of the machinery to cause severe damage and possible injury.(d) Rubbish sacks are FREE on request from the Office. It does help if you can use them and leave full sacks in the rubbish compounds.

9. LETTING: If you let your caravan out or allow it to be used by others, you must please ensure that your visitors are aware of the above. In addition, caravans should not be let out to groups of young people or by more people than the unit is designed to accommodate.

10. NOISY BEHAVIOUR: Should not happen, particularly late at night.