10/5/19: Update

Just been assessing the remittance notices that incorporated the question about free wifi for next season in return for a small increase in the siterents. The result was a 55% approval for this proposal (of those who expressed a view). Although a fair number of people had no preference either way. So what this means is that this will go ahead and so there will be a small increase in the siterents in capital terms for next season, as explained before.). The service will cover multiple devices. More details in due course.

Then in the Dolphin & Seadell Bars we’re going for Virtual Reality availability. The latest stuff, just headsets that don’t need to be plugged into phones or computers. We’re trialling for the next few weeks on a “free” basis. After that we’ll have to be a bit more commercial. But a useful facility I think if you want to walk the streets of far off locations or join animal migrations on the plains of Africa for example all without leaving Hemsby! Then we’ve set up a more up to date system on the bar videos so that we’ll have regular televised features. Nothing unsuitable. Probably on a short notice basis, depending on the weather, but will be publicised (& should be able to accommodate special requests). That’s it for now.