20/6/17 – Update

Just an update. The lovely weather is having an effect by increasing occupancy levels. Schools break up in about four weeks so let’s hope it continues.

The charity we are supporting this year Is “Blood Bikes”. Their people zoom around between medical centres on motorbikes looking worryingly like police officers carrying blood and other emergency things. However we’ll have to think about a different charity for 2018 and I wonder if anybody knows anything about the “Foxy Lodge” animal shelter which is somewhere on Beach Road Newport, said to be very deserving and name put forward.

Our feathered friends at the Dolphin, where we had installed a nest camera with screen in the Bar have fledged and left. If they go for a second brood we’ll be showing it of course. While on about the Bar, Fosters will be replacing Carlsberg before long and it’s possible that Kronenbourg will be making a welcome return. Something completely new is Iced Tea with a hint of gojiberries, so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

The long awaited new toilet/ shower block (which replaces the portaloo mobiles) on the north field at Hemsby Tent & Touring is nearly finished – probably by the end of the month, but in any event ready for the school holidays. We’ve taken on cleaning staff to concentrate on that and the other block and they strike me as efficient so that should go well.

Although its a bit late for this season we are often looking for student style people who could work during the summer. We’ve has foreign students in the past but the current EU business has started to put them off. So if anyone knows of any leads it would be appreciated.

Not much other gossip really!