13/10/16 Update

We’re getting anxious enquiries about the need for a tv licence for a caravan.  The rules changed on 1st September to spell out that viewing on “catch up” services on all sorts of devices are subject to the normal  licence requirement rules.  But there is no need for a licence in a caravan of course if you have one at home (provided both are not in use at the same time), and in order to reassure anybody concerned about this we certainly won’t be passing any details on to the TV Licensing people.

Then we’re often asked about providing a laundry at Beach Estate Caravan Park.  There is one not too far away on Beach Road of course.  It’s something that has been considered, and we do of course have such a facility at Long Beach.  But this only works if there is close supervision: our usual problems are misuse (normally overloads),  locking up at night when cycles are still running (customers waiting for a finish and us having commitments elsewhere), having to dispense tokens because having cash in the machines is risky, mopping floors that may have become slippery and therefore dangerous and just generally making sure that nothing is going wrong.  Customers – being used to their own domestic machines at home – don’t always adapt to commercial machines.  So although it’s a good idea and we would like to provide another facility it just seems impractical.  But any suggestions would be appreciated.