Wifi Upgrade, Waste & Fences

The Wi-Fi system has been upgraded to all locations. As with all these things it has taken a little while to bed in properly but now seems to be relatively trouble free. There have been technical advances (multiple frequency, more powerful transmitters and more of them, more broadband capacity etc.) and the contractors (Infinium / Clarity wireless) are providing an improved back up service. Their helpline number is on every code ticket and they ask that they are informed of any problem initially: then they liase with us.

We’re regularly asked why the Wi-Fi facility cannot be free. But as with any other facility, it has to be paid for somehow. The NHS as an example is trumpeted as being free, but we all pay for it don’t we?  Anyway, there has been a large capital cost (tens of thousands of pounds) with the Wi-Fi and there is an on-going annual maintenance contract (just thousands of pounds) to keep things up and running. And for the record, our aim for the future is to keep the service as up to the minute as we can. I suppose we could just increase our general overall prices to cover the service (thus appearing to be “no extra charge” for the Wi-Fi) but I think that would be unfair on those who would make no use of the facility either because they are not into tech (a surprising number of people still aren’t), have other arrangements or whatever.

So the position here is that the situation will be kept under review. Naturally a bit of feedback would be welcome.

We’ve been having a go at our waste disposal contractors (Veolia) recently about recycling. We’ve not been able to make much progress because their disposal lorry does not have a separate recycling bit where that sort of stuff can go, which is a shame because its quite important. We’re looking into alternatives but as usual they come at a cost.

More trouble with Gt. Yarmouth Borough Council.   They are the people who issue us with a licence under the Caravan Sites legislation. It’s to do with structures between static caravans, where there is meant to be an unobstructed area between caravans mainly for reasons of access by the emergency services. Verandas (provided not of excessive size) and steps are OK if they are non combustible but the advice is to check with the Office. However fences between caravans are frowned on. There has been grudging acceptance of fencing to keep pets such as guide dogs in, but nothing else. Temporary things like windbreaks are OK. And temporary fences to keep pets enclosed seem to be OK but they are particularly under the spotlights and can only be used when the caravan itself is being used, so must be put away when it is unoccupied. So the answer here might be to have sockets so any fence could be put up and down quickly and easily. However, it is critical that fences are actually taken down when the caravan is unoccupied. This is something that we will – unfortunately – have to monitor and do something if necessary. Like taking the structure away (but only after notification, which I think is fair).