wifi update.

We’re doing a bit of planning work about the wifi system. A regular suggestion over the last few years has been that onsite wifi should be free. The problem is of course that there are costs associated with it – both as regards initial capital expenses (buying the transmitters etc) and then the running costs (several broadband lines) and the maintenance contract. The next upgrade (needed in order to keep up to date with the expanding nature of the service) is quoted at some £35k, so the figures are not small.
We could make this facility appear to be “free” (in the sense that there would be no separate fee to use it) by just increasing the caravan site rents, touring/tent rents and the holiday bungalow rents by an appropriate amount. But the problems here are (1) not everybody has wifi so why should they pay? (2) there are quite a few private owners within our service area who at the moment pay like everyone else, who would then really get the service for free (we don’t send them bills and would be unaware of their use) unless they paid voluntarily.
We want to continue to invest in the system to keep it as advanced as we can (within the constraints of our local BT infrastructure) but it can’t be done for free. We don’t need to make a profit out of it, but cannot run it as a lossmaking promotion.
The whole situation is reviewed regularly of course, so if you have any blinding ideas then do let us know.