Wifi Upgrade & Drains

At last BT / Openreach have finished the provision of the new high speed broadband facility to the Hemsby area. This should significantly increase the speed factor (figures yet to be confirmed but we have been assured it will be much better),

We’ve arranged the update and this will all happen on 3rd or 4th July – so there will be some downtime during this period while the works are being carried out.

There will be no cost increase and we don’t know yet about the possibility of an upwards review next year. Factors such as the new high speed package being more expensive, our wifi routers to be updated to take the extra capacity etc. may well be offset by increased customer takeup due to the big improvement in the service.

Occasionally we have a cutout on the wifi transmitters (there are quite a lot of them) which reduces signal strength. This isn’t very often and once we become aware of the problem we can usually reset things quite quickly.

Blocked drains seem to be popular at the moment. It’s the usual problem – congealed fat from sink wastes, wet wipes (which are not bio degradable) flushed away etc. It’s not always easy to clear the sewers. You can help by being thoughtful about what goes into the drain system.